Become a Dealer

Horseshoe specialize in aftermarket & focus on Heavy Duty off-the-Road tires that offer amazing performance, high quality and Solid value. Along the way our loyal dealers have been a huge part of our success.

To show how much we value your partnership, we’ve created a Horseshoe Dealer incentive bonus program designed to reward our most dedicated dealers.

In this Horseshoe dealer bonus program, except the dealer discount rate of purchase free quick shipping price and you will also earn extra rewards when you purchase Horseshoe Skid Steer tires and Wheels. Each quarter you can earn up to $5 per tire (about 3% rebate for total payment amount per season). The more tires you buy, the bigger bonus your rewards. No exclusions. If it’s a Turf, Trailer and Specialty tires with Horseshoe on it - it counts also.

If You are interest in becoming a Horseshoe Dealer so you can not only purchase Horseshoe Tires & Wheels under dealers' certain discount rate here but also you earn extra bonus rebate of 3% up to $5 per tire each quarter for all your purchased Horseshoes tires & Wheels.

Please submit following application form OR call us at 917-912-8787 for application become a Horseshoe dealer!

You and Horseshoe Tires will be notified when you’ve submitted application.

Once you’ve been approved, you’ll receive a welcome email with your Dealer Account Approval and Dealer Discount Rate Set Up at here.

Then, go to sign in your dealer account and you’re ready!

Become a Horseshoe Tires Dealer so you'll be on your way to fresh benefit & big rewards!